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e-Learning full stack development

Services That We Offer


We support all major eLearning platforms (Learning Management System, LMS). But we are open source solutions experts and lovers. We can consult our customers’ eLearning technologies how to deploy their own LMS or even deploy the LMS for our customers. We can work side-by-side to transform our customers’ LMS based on their preferences regarding Look & Feel and Functionality.

  • LMS administration
  • LMS configuration
  • LMS deployment
  • LMS solution providers (we create plugins based on your needs and requirements)
  • Design and Customize LMS plugins
  • Further customization and improvement of your current LMS theme
  • Bug identification on your current system/plugin
  • Single Sign On solutions


We can work with several course designs or even develop one from scratch based on our customers’ requirements.

Learning Activities / Learning Material

We transcript static educational content (txt, word, pdf, etc ) in interactive online training activities. The online training activities are compatible with all major Learning Management and Content Management Systems. Our experts can work side-by-side with Tutors to improve both Educational and Graphics aspects of the training activities


We can help you create online summative assessments to evaluate your learners at the end of an instructional unit and formative assessments to provide you an inside of your learners’ progress during the course.