We Realize your Ideas

Spend time on your idea. Discuss it with us and watch your idea become alive in the online world


Website design and development

Publish a simple Web page or a static Website (e.g. AWS S3) online or deploy a complex website to meet your requirements using your favorite CMS such as WordPress and Joomla 

Look and feel

We can customize your own theme and port it on your favorite CMS or we can design your theme from scratch based on your requirements.
We are Joomla and WordPress expert developers. We have been customizing extensions or creating others from scratch to meet our customer needs. 


K12, Colleges, Universities, Societies, Companies

Online Education

Transform your training program into an online curriculum. We specialize on Moodle but we are not limited to it. 


We design and deploy eLearning platforms of any type and size. We can utilize CMS systems or an advanced Learning Management System such as Moodle. The final decision is based on your actual needs


We transcript static training material into interactive multimedia training activities. To succeed that we work side-by-side with educationalists and tutors and exploit state of art technologies.


Integrate your eLearning environment with your application ecosystem (CMS [Joomla, WordPress], eCommerce, School Information System, Authentication System [OAUTH2, OpenID Connect, Custom])


Need more from your Learning Management System?

Branded LMS

Who said that LMS systems don't look slick? Your's can look amazing with outstanding functionality that will meet your everyday activities. And with a branded mobile app on top of it.


Collaborate online using one-to-one or many-to-many audio/video communication channels, chats, forums, documents. Complete all your activities from within your LMS.


Don't limit yourself with what is available. Think out of the box and we can realize your innovative idea and integrate it into your LMS

Web Development


No need to reinvent the wheel. Utilize your own or 3rd party resources in your application. Get the resources through your web application, backend service, database, 3rd party applications, IoT infrastructure. If the external resource supports REST API, GraphQL or any other web api we can deliver a secure and effective solution to exploit it.


We utilize HTML5 and CSS3 on the presentation layer to create beautiful and ergonomic views for your application and pure javascript, JQuery to handle user interaction. We develop the application logic using pure javascript or frameworks such as Angular. We create web components using Stencil.js and build Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and Mobile Applications using Ionic.

Backend Services

Every application, or at least most applications, need a backend service, and in many cases services. We work with Joomla and WordPress frameworks, Open source PHP frameworks, Node.js based frameworks and even AWS/Google/Azure services to build your backend application service. Your backend services can be used to render content or as REST apis. Its all a matter of requirements and the scope of the app.

Custom web applications

Build your own application online. Choose your technology from a variaty of backend (CMS [Joomla, WordPress], PHP or Python Frameworks, Node.js [Express, Sails, Strapi]) and frontend solutions (JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, Stencil.js, Ionic).

Contact us

Kleopatras 20,

2335, Nicosia, Cyprus


(+357) 96741315

Contact us via email (company-info@leafnet.com.cy) to arrange a meeting with one of our officers. 

Other Information

Office Hours: 

Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 17:00pm CET+1


Leafnet headquarters are located in Cyprus (CET + 1:00).

Office Holidays: 

Please refer to Public holidays in Cyprus link for further information.