and web

Experts in developing and supporting web systems.

Our Mission

 Develop high quality online solutions friendly to humans

Our Vision

Introduce innovative solutions to address human-machine interaction challenges.

Our Values

We tranform convensional training programs into contemporary eLearning curriculums

Research, Development and Support


Leafnet's core development team focuses in transforming conventional training programs in to contemporary learning curriculums. We are experts in: 

  • eLearning platforms based on Moodle Learning Management System, LMS, (certified Moodle Administrators and Expert Moodle Developers).
  • Design innovative elearning services to address multidisciplinary training challenges
  • LMS integration with market ready solutions (CMS, WIKI, eLearning)
  • Course design (and redesign) based on microlearning strategies and competence based training. 
  • Training material trascription to online editable and interactive microlearning units
Research, Development and Support


Leafnet's core research and development team and our academic associates have been involved in innovative eHealth European Projects. These projects have been nominated "Best Practise" awards and have successfully delivered real life innovative solutions.

  • eLearning platform to support the multidisciplinary curriculum of Intensive Care Unit healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists) and ICU patients and their families. 
  • Rehabilitation at home. Multiparty online rehabilitation programs for ICU patients after their discharge
  • Online interactive psychological support for patients' underage family members
  • Homecare ecosystem solutions. 
Leading innovative information solutions

Addressing IT challenges

We customize and improve market ready open source solutions and integrate them with commercial products to meet our customers' requirements.

eLearning for everyone

We create online learning environments for 1 to many trainees

Teaching Material

Transform your teaching material into an online interactive course

Shared or Your own

Utilize a shared eLearning environment or deploy your own eLearning platform

Cost Efficient Management

Create an online curriculum to save time and money 

Enable Mobile Workforce

Access your online curriculum from any device

Improve the learning experience

Improve your trainees' learning experience. Help them to learn more with less effort. 


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HoCare Project


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Online editable microlearning units


HoCare Project


About Leafnet

We love training and developing solutions that are friendly to humans. We value open source software solutions but we are not limited to their core functionalities. We work hard to realize our customers ideas into sustainable solutions. 

Office Address

Leafnet LTD

Kleopatras 20

2335, Nicosia, Cyprus

Email: info@leafnet.com.cy

Phone: (357) 96741315

Open Hours

Leafnet headquarters are located in Cuprus (CET + 1:00). Our offices are open Monday to Friday: 8-00am to 5-00pm CET

Please refer to Public holidays in Cyprus link for further information.


Other Information

Contact us via email (info@leafnet.com.cy) to arrange a meeting with one of our officers.