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News and Announcements of our Projects

20th Congress of Surgery Nurses KY.SY.NO.X.

20th Congress of Surgery Nurses KY.SY.NO.X.

| MAY 21-22

The 20th Congress of Surgery Nurses KY.SY.NO.X. was conducted on 21-22 of May 2021. 
It was created and designed by KY.SY.NO.X.
 and the event was supported technically and, in a part, materially by LEAFNET. Also, LEAFNET designed and created the online component on the 
Learnit platform which is the e-Learning platform of LEAFNET. 
In total there were 21 speakers and 300 to almost 400 participants from all over Cyprus and Greece. 

Training of Health Professionals

Training of Health Professionals

| JUN 2021

LEAFNET donated to the Organisation of Public Health Services in Cyprus, a free online classroom in its e-Learning platform Learnit with the purpose of training health professionals in the intensive care clinic 
The offered was reviewed and accepted and the coordinator of the online classroom was going to be Maria Foka (RN, CCN, BSc, MSc, PhD candidate) who is a Clinical Instructor in the General Hospital of Nicosia. 
The online classroom was designedcreated and supported by LEAFNET and the total number of students is 129 by May 2021. 

C19_SPACE Programme

C19_SPACE Programme

| JUN 2021

COVID-19 Skills Preparation Course funded by the European Commision in collaboration with ESICM.
C19_SPACE programme delivers Intensive Care Fundamentals for Healthcare Professionals not regularly working in Intensive Care Units.
It is available for every doctor and nurse working in a hospital with an Intensive Care Unit, in all 27 EU Member States and the United Kingdom.

Call for EU Projects

LEAFNET welcomes collaborations for EU research funding projects.

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