Corporate training helps improve employee retention and engagement, increases learning independence and flexibility and supports team collaboration. 

In collaboration with EKO Cyprus LTD, LEAFNET created an online course to train employees in Safety Measures and Dealing with emergencies.  

The online course contains multimedia education resources and formative and summative assessments. At the end of the course users receive a certificate of completion. 


Every year, LEAFNET supports Societies and Training Centres to deliver high quality live events. Especially in the medical field, organized by the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, ESICM, we supported the implementation of online courses and live conferences with worldwide experts and learners. ESICM Courses are delivered through ESICM Academy using synchronous and asynchronous training. Each learner receives certification of completion.  

This year 26 Courses with 2.437 Learners and 260 Experts were supported.  

EDIC II online examination

The EDIC II examination project is an Objective Structured Clinical Examination, OSCE, medical examination that is held online. 
The exam takes place 2 times per year, November and May. This year it took place on 23 and 24 of May and 21 and 22 of November 2023.

LEAFNET supported the EDIC II Examination preparation course for the examinees. During live examination events, LEAFNET LTD provided technical solutions, coordination and human support for real time proctoring, examinees-Examiners communication and case presentations. 

Totally, during the 2 days of the examination~300 examinees (99 examinees in paralleland 192 examiners where facilitated with the provided solution.