Website Development

Website development

Contact us to realize your ideas in an online information and dissemination kiosk for your customers. We develop websites based on what is right for our customers.

We do not take sides in the debate “Joomla vs WordPress”. We meet our customer’s needs with either Content Management System. We prefer to focus on the critical parts of the deployment which are: Security, Scalability, Sustainability, Privacy, AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Auditing), Functionality, Growing visibility in organic search engine results (SEO) and Accessibility.

CMS customised Design

We work side-by-side with our customers to design the website based on their needs and requirements. We work with professional responsive themes, but we can also design custom themes as well.

Customised Website improvement (UX and Functionality)

You just need an expert to evaluate and provide a feedback or an analysis about your website? Contact us. Our experts will go through your website and provide an expert opinion on how to improve user graphical interface, functionality and security.

Custom CMS plugin and theme development

Need a customized functionality or even improve current functionality of your CMS? We take full advantage of CMS frameworks’ modular design to develop customized plugins that can meet our customers requirements.

Wiki based sites Development

WIKI-based Systems Deployment and Customisation

Need a document server, an online documentation system or a Company-pedia? Then Wiki-based systems are perfect for you. We support all major Wiki platforms though during the last 3 years we have invest a lot of effort in becoming TikiWiki experts.

Wiki-based Systems plugin and theme development

Wiki-based systems come with hundreds of plugins and build in functionality already. If a customer requirement cannot be met with existing functionality then we can either develop the solution from scratch or improve current solution.

WIKI-based Systems custom design

If you think that Wiki-based systems do not have a slick design, then think again. We work with professional responsive wiki themes, but we can also design custom themes from scratch to meet your requirements.


Sell products online

You are confused with all the solutions available on the web? We can consult you which is the right solution, or we can develop a customized solution based on your needs.

Sell Courses Online

Do you have a ready made course that you want to publish online and sell? Still confused with all the solutions available on the web? We can consult you which is the right solution, or we can develop a customized solution based on your needs. We will transform your LMS into an online ecommerce system.


Health Informatics platforms & applications

Our experts have been major contributors in eHealth platforms and applications design and specification phases for several National and European eHealth projects over the past years.

Custom application development

Web Frontend/ Backend Development

You feel that your web application or your CMS do not meet your requirements? Do not worry. We are experts in both frontend and backend web development and fluent in a plethora programming languages, libraries and frameworks.

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